How It Works

How Natural Deodorant Works!

We've been formulating our organic deodorant for over 18 months! We wanted to make sure it actually worked before we released it into the wild.

For those making the switch from commercial deodorant and antiperspirants, please be aware that RE-APPLICATION may be necessary for the first few weeks until detox and adjustment takes place. Re-apply when an odour is noticed- the deodorant stick should neutralise the odour. Re-application needs should taper as the body adjusts.

We suggest applying a few times a day for the first few weeks while the body purges toxins and adjusts to the natural ingredients. If you do notice an odour, just reapply. The Stick will take the odour away. One more thing- only apply a small amount- 2-3 swipes- and allow it to soak in quickly.

So how does our Natural Deodorant work?

Here's the science behind our vegan deodorant:

The Coconut oil and Shea butter form the base and add a moisturising effect to the other ingredients. The Candelilla wax is a very gentle wax and helps provide a gliding effect and doesn’t pull or tug at the underarm skin or hairs. The Arrowroot flour, Bentonite clay and Diatomaceous Earth are the active ingredients that work to neutralise odour and remove toxins from our underarms.

Furthermore, we actually formulated it to be Vegan! There's no need to be putting animal products under our pits! Also, we opted to create a gentle, non-irritant organic deodorant that works.

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